Chris came to werq
Chris. 20. NY. Male. 5'8. 140lbs. Puerto Rican. Vietnamese. Introvert. GAY AS A FUCK. I live for drag . I do drag . Performing arts have centered my life. I have a background of music . I hate dating . its a giant waste of time . i dont like most people. Im just trying to figure out my direction in this life... but incase you didnt know I CAME TO WERQ

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Hotel room chillin with ur dad

brandon ur existance brings me joy. stop beng a mess


Hotel room chillin with ur dad

brandon ur existance brings me joy. stop beng a mess


JbDubs - Pantywaister (Official Music Video) 

GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2013

Tonight I’m gonna dance for you


(sings) There’s some pros in this house, and they bout to turn it out LAQUIFA BOUT TO TURN IT OUT!

Power trip
J.Cole ft Miguel

Power trip - J.Cole ft. Miguel